Selling a home that you’ve inherited from a loved one can be an emotional process. The last thing you need, to make it even more difficult, are avoidable obstacles that waste time, cost money, and add to your frustration. Knowing your options can speed the process and save you thousands of dollars.

There is no requirement that a Will be probated. Most people believe they have to go through the long, drawn-out probate process. You may have other viable legal options, that may save you thousands of dollars in probate fees.

Settling a loved one’s estate can prove challenging during an already difficult time. You may wish to allow our legal staff to analyze your situation to determine what is best for you.

As a highly experienced Real Estate Attorney and Investor, Scott brings both the legal and practical side of real estate to the table to best serve you. Know your options before you spend thousands of dollars you don’t need to.

If you or someone you know has inherited a property, please complete the form to your right and we will contact you within 24 hours.